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Guilt-free vegan tart, perfect pairing with tea!

Vegan coconut almond tart
with Iron Goddess Tea.

Vegan coconut almond tart

Life is always good with a bit of indulgence. This vegan coconut almond tart satisfy your
sweet tooth and it’s filled with healthy goodness. This is our first try at making a tart and we are proud
of it! The recipe is adapted from here and we just swopped some of the ingredients we don’t have on hand, like 
medjool dates with a mix of big jujube dates (red dates) and raisins, sliced almonds instead of coconut flakes. We think it works and taste great, plus, it’s gluten-free! 

This tart is also a perfect pairing with our tea. We had our No 1, Light Fresh Scent today to pair 
with it and it was gone in a snap. 

Desserts with tea make your day sweet. Enjoy!

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