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Wishing everyone an enjoyable Dumpling Festival!

Have lots of rice dumplings and drink tea!

The day passed quickly with Chinese worldwide celebrating Dumpling Festival, also known as
Dragon Boat Festival or 'Duan Wu 端午’ Festival. The highlight of this colourful festival includes eating rice dumplings!

Rice dumpling with Iron Goddess Tea

Rice dumplings are made from sticky or glutinous rice and a filling, which is kneaded in.
They are then wrapped in bamboo leaves in pillow or triangular-based pyramid shapes, and tied with plant stems or strings. 

Nowadays, although dumplings are readily available in restaurants or hawker stores in most oriental countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia,  Singapore and other Asian countries, it is always most enjoyable to have them together with families and friends on this actual day, where many families even handmade their own versions of their favourite dumplings. We are so lucky to bring back some of these homemade delicious dumplings from Singapore.

We wish everyone a happy and joyous Dumpling Festival. Forget your calories and have lots of rice dumplings but remember to drink your tea. Rice dumplings can get quite filling and difficult to digest due to their oiliness and best paired with chinese tea, Iron Goddess Tea of course;)

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