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Iron Goddess Tea Infused Whisky

A Creation by Tea Descendants

It's a Sunday and Happy Valentine's Day. Have a little mixing fun and surprise your loved one with your very own cocktail concoction. For some inspiration, check out our Whisky infused with Iron Goddess Tea, almost an Old Fashioned. Cheers!

Iron Goddess Tea infused with Whisky

Recipe (1 serving)

- 6 drops aromatic bitters (we used Angostura aromatic bitters)
- 1 cube sugar 
- 1 oz whisky tea infusion (see recipe below)
- 1 oz whisky
- 1 ice sphere
- orange peel (optional)

For the Whisky tea Infusion: 
- 7g Black Tea (We used one pack of our Tea Descendants No 3, Earthy Rich Aroma)
- 1oz Whisky of choice
Infused black tea in whisky in a lidded jar or bottle for about 10 days, or taste until desired flavour.

For the Cocktail:
- In a rock glass, combine 6 drops bitters with 1 cube sugar until sugar dissolves, you can use a muddler.
- Add 1 oz tea infusion
- Add another oz of whisky
- Add ice sphere into glass and stir for 20 seconds
- Add an orange peel to serve (optional)

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