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Get Creative with Loose Leaf Teas!

A Creation by Tea Descendants

Making loose leaf tea has become a ritual for us folks at Tea Descendants.  Tea tastes great on it's own, especially high quality loose leaf tea. However, we like to get creative and find new ways to enjoy our teas.  

Both Iron Goddess Tea (Tie Guan Yin) and Mint leaves possess tremendous health benefits. Today, we did a little experiment by marrying the two. We added some fresh mint leaves when steeping our Iron Goddess Tea, the result is simply amazing! To make this delicious drink, see instructions below. For an alternative chilled version, simply put a few ice cubes and enjoy! 


Iron Goddess Mint Tea

- 3-4g loose leaf tea 
- 6 fresh mint leaves
- 200ml water

- In a teapot or infuser, place 3-4g loose leaf tea (all our teas works in this recipe but our recommendation is our No 1 Iron Goddess Tea, Light Fresh Scent)
- Take 6 mint leaves in your hands, clap your hands together to bruise the leaves. Place the mint leaves into the teapot or infuser
- Rinse the leaves by pouring away the first flush of hot water
- Steep in another 200ml of water for 2-3 minutes
- Pour into a teacup and enjoy
- For a chilled version, add a few ice cubes and serve
- Increase by 1 minute for the next water refill


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