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Inaugural Terrapins Race 2017 Bring Smiles to children and all at He Mei Village

An Eventful Day of Laughter and Joy!

An unusual Terrapins Race was held at He Mei Village on 16 January 2017, our land of Iron Goddess tea (铁观音). The little village was filled with excitement and laughter throughout the few hours when the event took place. Kids were totally engrossed in the race with their beloved terrapins while adults gathered around to cheer and support.

Tea Descendants sponsored cash vouchers for all the children who won and everyone who participated. See our terrapins video here and some of the race highlights. It was a happy day for all!

Winners and Participants of Terrapins Race.

Event moments at the Inaugural Terrapins Race 2017, He Mei Village, Anxi, Fujian, China.


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