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Introducing Our Loose Leaf Teas in Tea Bags!

Your favourite teas, now available in tea bags!

To all Friends of Tea Descendants,
we are proud to introduce our 2016 new season teas,
with a new addition of loose leaf tea bags! 

To preserve the quality of our tea, loose leaf teas are carefully selected and sealed in a
triangle silken pouch, they are then placed individually into a foil pack and double sealed for freshness and convenience. The teabags are available in packs 10s and 20s.  

Have your favourite iron goddess tea anytime now in convenient tea bags!
For the month of August, we are giving a 25% off on all orders above USD20!
Take the chance and try our new tea bags range now.

Enter 25AUGUST upon checkout.

Individually Sealed Tea Bags (2.5g ea)


No 1: Light Fresh Scent Loose Leaf Tea Bags (Available in packs of 10s or 20s)


No 2: Smooth Floral Touch Loose Leaf Tea Bags (Available in packs of 10s or 20s)

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