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Our Oolong Tea at the Inaugural Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017!

Winning Combination: Brewing Quality Tea With Alternative Methods

The weekend ended with great news for celebration! Our Oolong tea was used for the 1st Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 at the Café Asia 2017 on 4 March 2017. Mr Dave Lim from Sun Ray Cafe demonstrated his innovative tea brewing skills using our No 1, Light Fresh Scent Oolong Tea and was crowned the Champion under the Tea Brewing Category.

"We used the siphon to do a fast and vigorous extraction on the beautiful autumn 2016 Anxi gun powder Tie Guan Yin from Tea Descendants. The tea presented luscious notes of spinach, cream and hazelnuts." Dave Lim, Winner of Tea Brewing Category, 1st Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017

Excellent tea quality with innovative brewing skill is the secret to this win.

Alternative brew method using siphon at the 1st Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 by Dave Lim from Sun Ray Cafe.

We are really excited that tea drinking is getting serious on our little island.
The 1st Tea Masters Cup Singapore 2017 was held on 4 March, hosted by Australian Tea Masters  in conjunction with Café Asia 2017. This is a unique competition among professional tea masters, the competition sees tea specialists demonstrate their skills in different ways of working with tea, with three judging categories in Tea Preparation, Tea Pairing and Tea Tasting. The Singaporean champions of each category will represent Singapore on the world stage at the International Tea Masters Cup

Dave also won the Tea Pairing Category. Congratulations to Dave on the double win and we wish to thank him for having trust in our tea. We are sure he will do us proud at the upcoming International Tea Masters CupWe wish him all the best!



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