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Tea for generations, and for all occasions.
Tea is best served for conversations. And over tea, we’d like to share our story too.
 Born in Singapore, we are the third generation of a tea-planting family from Fujian, China.
Our forefathers came to Singapore early last century in seek of a better life, while the rest stayed
in the tea plantations to continue the family trade of planting and crafting Iron Goddess (铁观音).
Decades and generations passed, the tea business continues to this day. Tea Descendants was born
out of a family trip to trace our ancestral roots back in the He Mei Village, Anxi, China. The Anxi county, south of the Fujian province, is best known for a number of varieties of the Oolong tea, the most revered among them is the Iron Goddess tea due to its immense health benefits: high content of amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants; weight loss properties, etc.
Our village is a charming maze of Iron Goddess tea plantations. Every turn is a greeted with
a whiff of chlorophyll and a picturesque greenscape. The Iron Goddess we tasted is piping hot from harvest that oozed dew-coated freshness, much unlike the overly-processed and fried black-tea variety we areoften served in Chinese restaurants everywhere. This is how our vision for Tea Descendants
is brewed: to share the natural, fresh taste of tea amidst the avalanche of over-processed foods on dining tables worldwide.
Tea Descendants is also a brand that connects us to our roots and heritage, as well as a celebration
the artisanal spirit and sustainable food choices.

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