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Gai Wan, the Preferred Chinese Gongfu Tea Ware for Iron Goddess tea

Dating back to the Ming Dynasty, a Gaiwan (盖碗) is a lidded porcelain cup used for brewing fine tea such as Whites, Greens and Oolongs. Used much in the same way as a teapot, the tea leaves are first placed in the Gaiwan, hot water is then poured in a circular motion over the leaves, and the first flush of infusion is discarded, allowing the tea to be "washed". As with all types of Chinese tea, the leaves are infused multiple times, allowing the tea to reveal different flavours each time.

For brewing of our Iron Goddess tea, we recommend using the Gaiwan in harder vessels made in glass and porelain for a more efficient distribution of heat. This also promotes the lighter and more fragrant elements in the Iron Goddess tea and for most other green Oolong tea varieties.

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