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The artisan of tea making.

 For multi-generations, our family has in one way or another dealt in the tea business. Our ultimate goal is to make a living learning centre out of our village in the Iron Goddess craft where tourists, urban farmers and scholars can discover the magic of tea. Our family works in the tea plantations from spring to autumn. Our tea is planted and harvested on high-altitudes without the use of pesticides. With a little help from technology, we are able to maintain consistent freshness and taste in every controlled batch of tea.

 We take pride in managing the entire tea-making process – from harvesting, processing to final packaging. Due to the intricacies in tea making, we process our tea in small batches. We work up to     20 hours a day to ensure every batch of tea is processed at the right time, and on time. Tea quality is      very susceptible to heat and exposure duration, and as such, every minute counts and nothing is left    to chance.


He Mei Village from Tea Descendants on Vimeo.

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