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Tea is the new air. 

Tea is more than just a beverage. It also breathes new air among tea cups.

In the same way, our plantations at Anxi, Fujian, China give rise to an atmosphere of fresh-smelling chlorophyll. Our hometown, He Mei Village in Jin Gu Town, is 45 minutes from the main city
in Quanzhou (泉州), Fujian’s largest province. A stroll into the village is not just a visual feast of
verdant tea plantations, but also an olfactory treat of tea leave aroma all day. Life is simple here.
Just like drinking tea. Fresh brews are made in every home without fuss, tea drinking is a way of life
as much as it quenches thirst. This is where tea has intertwined with the lifestyle of the people and becomes a common fabric of the village. 

Tea making has pervaded the geographical, economic and social spheres of the village, 
it is in their blood.

He Mei Village from Tea Descendants


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