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We invited some of the best tea bloggers to review our teas.

The Tea Cup of Life
“Garden in a cup.”

Jen Piccotti, Nominee of 2014 & 2015 Best Tea Blogger
"The First Steep: light, spring vegetables, with a reserved floral scent.

The Second Steep: lightly roasted vegetables with green hay

The Third Steep: toasted rice, faintly similar to genmaicha

The Fourth Steep: an intensifying floral aroma, grassier notes appearing

The Fifth Steep: lessening scent, but tasting more of what we had been smelling

The Sixth Steep (which sounds like it should be a movie title):
bright, slightly astringent, with a sunnier green flavour"

Nicole Martin, Winner of World Tea Award for Best Social Media Reach
"Vegetal notes of sugar snap peas faded into an intense orchid aroma. The mouth-feel was buttery and thick with no dryness or astringency. I lost track of the number of infusions but that alone should tell you that there was a lot of them."
Tapiocat, Robin
"If rich, filling teas are your forte, give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed!"







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